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Location : In the Gulf of Munnar, Tamilnadu
Temperature :Hot & humid, Summer: 37C to 30C, Winter: 30C to 25C
Best Time : Throughout the year
What to see : Ramnath Swamy Temple, Dhanushkodi, Gandhamadhana Parvadham

The small town of Rameshwaram, located in Ramantahpuram district of Tamil Nadu is one of the four Dhams. The place is a fusion of divine charm and natural solitude, where one wakes up with amazing awakening. The name Rameshwaram echoes with a lot of purity as it is named after Lord Rama, the hero of the epic Ramayana. The place has a strong bond with mythological Ramayana.

Tourists from far flung corners of the world fall in love with the beauty of the relaxed town of Rameshwaram located along the Bay of Bengal.There are no stylish restaurants, no glittering stores not even a single glamorous locale, the sacred town does not need one. It has a distinct identity which is filled with sanctity.South India is famous for its temple architecture, and the religious town displays some of the finest temples and shrines depicting the episodes of Ramayana, and its several important characters. Sri Rameshwaram Temple and Annai Indira Gandhi Road Bridge are the must- visit spots in the sacred town of the Hindus.

Often called as the Benaras of South, the sacred island of Rameshwaram located in the Gulf of Munnar at the very tip of Indian peninsula is a blissful destination. Loaded with several mythological stories, the holy town has amazing power to inspire the visitors to sit for a while and venture deep into the depths of this sacred place.

Rightly said, whoever visits Rameshwaram attains Mokshya. Rameshwaram is truly divine,and the inexplicable aura of the place liberates one from the stress and strain of daily life.

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